• Reducing your foot print step by step

Charlie & Ellen

‘Growing up we were urged to make our “mark”.  

Today we are aiming not to leave a “mark”’.

Charlie & Ellen bags have been designed to suit your everyday needs. With their spacious design they are able to support up to 10kgs, ideal for those weekend Farmer’s market and trips to the grocery shop.

Sturdy enough to carry books and laptop, and easy to wash after gym or a trip to the beach. We purposefully designed easy access pockets at both the front and side of the bag for your convenience and functionality. A large pocket at the front for your newspaper or magazine, and a smaller pocket on the side for your phone, money, keys or sunglasses. Durable and long-lasting, our bags are a great way to reduce your footprint, save money, and look great all at the same time.

It will soon become your ‘go to’ bag.  A great gift idea!