About Us

The creation:   

Charlie and Ellen began with our belief that recycling is not the only answer to solve the growing problem of waste we have created, it is eliminating single use items, and creating more environmentally viable products.   

And so began our commitment to embark on becoming less reliant on single use items and to advocate investing in reusable, sustainable, and durable household products.

Our goal:

At Charlie & Ellen our goal is to support you, our community, in making small lifestyle changes that will enable your family to reduce their waste and move towards a cleaner planet. 

Our vision;

Our vision is to provide a selection of high quality, re-usable and sustainable products you can feel confident to invest in, and begin your families path of decreasing your global environmental footprints.


We are beginning our journey with focusing on the everyday shopping bag. Disappointed with the options available, we have worked closely with our manufacturer to design and produce our first product, the Reusable Canvas Bag. We have designed this bag to be functional and durable, making this your everyday go to bag.

We will continue to introduce new products to our store, ensuring each product is of high quality, rigorously tested by our household, and designed for longevity.

We truly believe as a collective, small steps can make huge strides in helping our environment and we hope Charlie and Ellen can be with you along your journey, and provide you with all the tools to make this lifestyle, easy, affordable and welcoming.


THANK YOU for taking the time to read our story.